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Juan Ahumada de AvilaAge: 56 years14351491

Juan Ahumada de Avila
Given names
Ahumada de Avila (Ahumada, Dávila)
Birth 1435
Birth of a daughter
#1Beatriz Ahumada Rodríguez
1490 (Age 55 years)
Death 1491 (Age 56 years)

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May 5, 2019

by: Alejandro Cavazos
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  1. Generation 1
    1. Juan Ahumada de Avila was born in 1435 in Ávila, Castilla, España and died in 1491 at the age of 56.

      Children of Juan Ahumada de Avila:

      1. Beatriz Ahumada Rodríguez (1490)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Beatriz Ahumada Rodríguez, daughter of Juan Ahumada de Avila, was born in 1490 in Utrera, Valencia, España. She married Juan Armero. He was born in 1486 in Málaga, Andalucia, España.

      Children of Beatriz Ahumada Rodríguez and Juan Armero:

      1. María Mayor Hernández (15051561)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. María Mayor Hernández, daughter of Juan Armero and Beatriz Ahumada Rodríguez, was born about 1505 in España and died in 1561 in España. She married Juan de Montemayor, son of Juan de Montemayor and Ysabel Jiménez,. He was born in 1504 in Malaga, Andalucia, España and died about 1611.

      Children of María Mayor Hernández and Juan de Montemayor:

      1. Diego “El Viejo” Hernandez de Montemayor (15281611)

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